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When you volunteer with us, you have the opportunity to make a difference every day, contributing your expertise and experience to add value to the organization in different functional areas.

“Your Presence at MCF will bring a smile to a child’s face”

To know more about the different Volunteer opportunities available, please send an email to :info@memechildrenfoundation.org

or Send a whatsapp to:+256783457801

children in Uganda
Few children in rural schools in Uganda have access to quality education. Many communities lack actual school facilities, as classes are taught under the shade of mango trees. Often, teachers refuse posts in villages that have inadequate classrooms and resources, leaving the eager students with little hope of a career outside of subsistence farming. Even in communities with adequate school facilities, teacher-to-student ratios are upwards of 40:1. MCF,is looking for volunteers interested in teaching English, French, Mathematics, Science, creative arts and other related subjects or IT in these communities. It doesn’t matter what level you would prefer to teach, there are endemic needs from primary, school, junior high schools through senior high schools. We don’t require formal teaching qualifications, as we know your eagerness, personal expertise and experience will help empower the burgeoning Ugandan young children.
Depending on your teaching experience and comfort level, we can arrange for you to either pair with a local teacher or lead a class on your own. Our local schools are thrilled when international volunteers join their staff, and you will be provided with as much lesson plan, curriculum and prep assistance as you would like. Teaching abroad with AINUganda will make a lasting difference in the life of every child you teach—join us in transforming the next generation of Uganda’s best and brightest!
Whether you’re a professional teacher hoping to temporarily relocate to a classroom across the world or an eager and personable person hoping to make a difference, our volunteers program is right for you. Access to quality education in rural Ugandan communities is extremely poor; many schools have classes with 45+ students, and there is a serious shortage of teachers in these rural communities. Many professional Ugandan teachers will refuse to be placed in villages with poor educational infrastructure and a low overall standard of living; these communities are stuck in a cyclical mire of poor resources, inadequate classrooms, too few teachers, and low academic performance. Visit our website at www.memechildrenfoundation.org

Cost and Payment
Volunteers are required to commit a fee that caters for expenses of their meals, housing and support for our community projects. This is payable in cash upon arrival in Uganda or you can wire the money directly to our bank account. Kindly inquire directly about the volunteer program costs. Please be aware that some participants come through Volunteer Organizations and pay a different price.
Please inquire directly about the volunteer program costs. We usually ask that volunteers pay for the total cost of their placement upon arrival in Uganda. For volunteers staying longer than three months, we are able to accept payment in installments (please ask for further details). The preferred method of payment is cash (payable on first arrival).
For the Needy Children:
If possible, we would love for you to bring some supplies for the kids! Anything that you can bring would be greatly appreciated but below is a guide! Many of these items are cheap to purchase and would be loved by the children.
– Mixed clothing, sweaters, dresses, shirts, shorts for boys & girls, ages 4 – 14 years).

– Sanitary pads for community girls.
– Children backpacks for school.
– Black shoes for school (boys & girls, ages 4 – 14 years).
If you are interested in bringing some of the above would like specific items that are current required, we are able to send you a list with more detailed and up-to-date information about the children (number, gender, age, etc).

Also, if you are interested in bring items for the orphanage to use (such as laptop computer, camera, cell phone) please let us know. We are reliant on donations for many of these items that often have a short lifespan and would be grateful if you could assist. For volunteer application please email to :info@memechildrenfoundation.org.We hope to hear from you soon.