As stated by Nelson Mandela that  _education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world ” Meme Children Foundation  began an initiative to support the needy with education.the school ” Judy Education center_began  on may 5th 2019 with 5 classes then, but currently we have 7 classes(Primary 1-Primary 7)  .Located in Nakyewa Luwero district ,the school has a population of 355 in total with 11 teaching and 5 support staff.
It supports the community through education ,free to those under sponsorship and staying at the  orphanage while other students  in the community only buy for scholastic materials to attend school so as to equip them for a bright future.
Since its a continuous project the foundation seeks for your support in order to have the disadvantage to attain this precious gift of education,for more on how to support,kindly go to the support page or button on the website.