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The founder  Ms. Juliet Meme grew up from a very poor /poverty stricken community  in an extended family where the leader was the grandmother after having lost her father to HIV/AIDS at age of 4 years then mother at the age of 10 respectively.

As my grandmother took over   responsibility, she took me to the church where she was an intercessor.

Having been cautioned to love God as the father to the fatherless and my inheritance by my grandmother, it’s in church that I found good Samaritans to pay my scholastic materials and school fees, this wiped the tears I had on my eyes and in my heart, from there i pledged allegiance to always help, the poor orphaned and vulnerable child I find.

A question always rang in my mind “who will ever wipe the tears of an orphaned child in Uganda “(God answered start helping I will provide).

That marked the start with helping 3 children and now we help over 175 children at the orphanage center under Meme Children Foundation.